Here you can find the most outstanding works we have done.


Karlos Arguiñano

Cocina abierta

TV show in which Karlos Arguiñano offers new recipes and culinary tricks every day to make delicious dishes and show that cooking can be a fun task.


El sabor es ciego

A fun cooking contest

Four kitchens face off on the stove to prepare two recipes in one hour, with the same ingredients and utensils. While they are doing it they cannot taste what they are cooking. They will do it later, in a completely blind tasting, in which they will have to rate each other.


Cocina con Bruno Oteiza

Cooking TV show

Healthy and varied dishes with fresh products are the premises from which Bruno Oteiza starts when it comes to cooking in front of the cameras. What really sets this chef apart are the small, original and imaginative details that make his dishes always have a very appealing presence.
Bruno calls his cooking style home-made avant-garde, where the quality of the product and the presentation are of great importance.



DIY pioneer TV show

It is a pioneering space in the history of TV in Spain. It began its journey in 1994.
Bricomania, by the hand of Kristian Pielhoff, offers the basic knowledge to do DIY, teaching in a practical way how to fix, recycle, build and create certain objects. The care of the plants, the preparation of a small garden, the maintenance of our flowers, are some of the topics that Iñigo Segurola presents every week in the gardening section. It is a didactic program, with an agile pace and a simple structure.



Home transformation TV show

Yolanda Alzola goes to private homes to transform some of their rooms with the help of their owners. Completely changing a bedroom, improving a bathroom or giving a more modern look to a kitchen are the jobs they face. Tricks that help to change, for little money, rooms before the excited and surprised look of the owners. And while the transformation is taking place, Iñigo Segurola advises how to choose and maintain perfect the plants that are best for the new home.


Hoteles con encanto

TV Show to discover different hotels

TV show that reveals the peculiarities that make us distinguish one hotel from another. There are as many hotels and ways to classify them as types of customers. They can be chosen based on their stars, price, their geographical location, if they allow pets … There are hotels of all kinds. From the hand of hotel directors, managers, communication managers, among others, we know not only every corner of the hotel but also its anecdotes and curiosities.
This television space has become a benchmark that serves as a guide to discover the best and most curious stays in Spain and all the secrets that are hidden behind its doors.


Hoy cocinas tu

Cooking TV show

With the participation of a guest, whom Eva Arguiñano teaches how to prepare a dish for someone special. With her usual carefree and agile style, Eva shows all the steps for preparing a menu in which the guest collaborates as an assistant. When the guest returns home, we will see how the menu that Eva has shown him when it comes to cooking for his family and friends.
Hoy cocinas tú has the audience’s forum award for the best cooking program of 2008 and it was the space that started the broadcasts of La Sexta in March 2006.



Sport TV show

Sports program dedicated exclusively to professional Basque pelota. Since its inception in 1992, FRONTON has covered the entire official professional handball calendar. Being present in the most important championships such as the 4 and a half, the Couples and the Manomanista. It also provides timely coverage of the most outstanding tournaments in Iruña, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zarautz, Bilbao, San Sebastian and Logroño. FRONTON is the undisputed leading program in its specialty, it is hosted by journalist Juan Carlos González and baseball player Mikel Idoate.


ETB Kantxa

Sport in live TV show

The ETB network’s leading sports program for the audience dedicated exclusively to professional Basque pelota. Presented by Josetxo Lizartza and Mikel Idoate, he covers the entire official professional hand ball calendar live. From the official championships to the most important summer tournaments, this program broadcasts the most interesting matches of this beautiful sport every week.



Cooking reality show

The presenter and comedian Iñaki Urrutia is the new bet of Euskal Telebista. Restaurant without barriers is a reality show in which eight participants with different intellectual disabilities will fight to bring a kitchen service and tables from start to finish.



Children competition

Competition in which children between 10 and 12 years old participate who have excelled in their studies and demonstrate this by answering the questions posed to them. In each program there is a finalist for the grand finale whose prize is five




Documentary serie

On many occasions in history, the simplest answer has not been sought, but is interpreted through magic and the exoteric.

Hide information about “Ockham’s Razor”
Outreach documentary series that offers the viewer a critical and rational review of ancestral beliefs, mythologies and fantastic legends.
In addition, the historical and scientific, rigorous and material reality of different irrational beliefs is shown. During this first season of six chapters, topics related to witches and their covens, cursed and sacred animals, vampires, werewolves, shamans and horoscope are addressed.



Historical documentary

Every fall they left their homes in Roncal and Salazar and crossed the Pyrenees to go to work until spring in the French espadrille industry. They were called ‘swallows’ (hirondelles in French), because they were dressed in black and because of the time when they left their homes and returned later. They and young people from the Zaragoza region of Cinco Villas and the Huesca valley of Hecho, between 1850-1940. After eighty years, their lives in the valleys of origin and the reasons for those trips will take shape in the documentary Ainarak



Sustainable development film

The Navarran production company Tus Ojos 2030, committed to Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development, has recently finished filming the feature film «Victoria 2030», a docu-fiction production that aims to promote values and help NGODs, associations and groups in Navarre that have participated in the film.




Comedy TV serie

Los Serrano, a dramatic comedy television series was produced by Globomedia and originally aired on the Spanish network Telecinco, 8 seasons and a total of 147 episodes. It recounts the life of the Serrano family. The series takes place in the fictional neighborhood of Santa Justa, located in the Ribera del Manzanares (Madrid), where the family runs the ‘Hermanos Serrano’ tavern and the ‘Colegio Garcilaso de la Vega’.1



Longest series in Spain

Tell me how it happened, also known as Cuéntame, is a Spanish television series broadcast by La 1 de Televisión Española since 2001.

At first the series was to be called Our Yesterday. However, the producers decided to give it the more commercial name of Cuéntame. This title comes from the famous song of the same title published in 1968 on a disc by the pop music group Formula V. Because the title was already registered, the series2 had to be modified in 2002.



TV serie

Periodistas was a television series that aired on Telecinco Spain from January 13, 1998 to July 8, 2002, with a total of 119 episodes.1

Produced by Globomedia, it was one of the most successful series during its 4 years of broadcast, only behind “Family Doctor”. He also competed on the podium with “Manos a la obra” and Compañeros, who kept very similar records.

Periodistas was answered between 2006 and 2008 on the DTT channels of Telecinco, Telecinco Estrellas and Factoría de Ficción. It could also be seen on Paramount Comedy.



Comedy tv serie

Ana y los 7 is a Spanish television series broadcast by La 1 between 2002 and 2005. It stars Ana Obregón, who, in addition to participating as a screenwriter, plays the role of a stripper who happens to get the job of babysitting in a luxurious mansion where lives a wealthy widower with seven children, his comical butler and the cook. In it, hiding his “double life”, he suffers numerous adventures and falls in love with the widower.



Thriller tv serie

El comisario is a Spanish television series belonging to the police genre, broadcast through Telecinco for a decade, between 1999 and 2009.1 It narrated life in the police station of the fictitious district of San Fernando and dealt with the cases pursued by the police team.





Videomapping projected for four days at Christmas 2017

Le souvenir d’Ava is a journey in time and space. Ava will tirelessly search for something that was never really far away. Nostalgia, friendship, adventure and fantasy come together in a light and sound show that transports us to the place where Ava’s memories live.



Child video-music 

Ene Kantak has always had a very clear objective: to create songs and dances for childs, in Basque and for Basque. We want Basque in the homes and in the hearts of our sons and daughters, that they feel it and appreciate it, and why not, that they feel and love in Basque.




Fernando Trueba film

In the Barcelona of 1948, the story of the vicissitudes of the maquis is the only thing that animates the gray atmosphere of the postwar period. The story of one of those mythical heroes, who sets sail for Shanghai to fulfill a risky mission involving gunmen, Nazis and beautiful women, gives meaning to the lives of two teenagers, Dani and Susana, until reality makes them awakening from the spell.



Sergio G. Sánchez film

Marrowbone’s Secret —original title: Marrowbone— is a 2017 Spanish film and first feature written and directed by Sergio G. Sánchez.1 It stars George MacKay, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Mia Goth, Matthew Stagg, Kyle Soller, Nicola Harrison and Tom Fisher. It was screened in the special presentations section at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. The film was published in Spain on October 27, 2017, by Universal Pictures.



Aritz Moreno film

Advantages of traveling by train is a Spanish black comedy film released in 2019. It is the first film by director Aritz Moreno and it is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Antonio Orejudo. It stars Luis Tosar, Ernesto Alterio, Pilar Castro and Belén Cuesta.1


“What sound is instantaneous is what its truth contains that cannot be grasped. As we listen, we pay attention to what was not born to be caught. Its effect on us is that of the evasive. Hearing is not having retained but the wake of what was heard. With the form that does not finish coagulating, the meaning does not finish constituting itself. And that is when his own nature is revealed to the listener. Listening to music, the man hears himself passing by.”